MAT cold store air curtain

Climate solutions for cold stores

The Biddle MAT cold store air curtain creates an optimal climate separation between the cold store and the loading area, guaranteeing that the temperature in the cold store remains at a constant level. Moreover, this solution allows you to keep doors open, thus promoting easier logistics and a significant reduction in the formation of mist and ice. Compared with an open door, an average of 52% in energy saving is achieved.


Energy saving hybrid solution

Energy saving solutions are becoming increasingly important in the industrial and cold sectors. Biddle created the MAT Hybrid in order to keep up with these developments. The MAT Hybrid uses the waste heat from cooling devices to save energy during the heating of the B-stream. This solution yields proven energy savings of no less than 74% compared with an open door.

Why choose MAT?
  • Free access & fast logistics
  • Constant climate in the cold store
  • Prevents icing and misting
  • Energy saving solution
  • Complete service package
Multi Air stream Technology
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