Patented Rectifier Technology

All Biddle air curtains (SRCITY,  DoorFlowIndAC2IsolAir and MAT) are equipped with the patented rectifier technology. This results in the following advantages:

  • Significant climate separation efficiency (90%)
  • Excellent downward penetration
  • Laminar air flow  
  • Air curtain warmth benefits the indoor climate 


Air curtain wit rectifier
Without rectifier: large air displacement  With rectifier: perfect climate separation

High yield

Because of the difference in temperature between inside and outside areas, air always moves in the vicinity of an open door: warm air streams in and cold air streams out. The patented rectifier ensures that the air turbulence caused by the fans is transformed into a laminar air stream. The air stream reaches the floor at a much lower air speed than air curtains without the rectifier. The tight air stream prevents cold air from streaming out. This achieves a climate separation efficiency of over 90%.


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