i-sense infrared technology

The patented i-sense infrared technology carefully scans the doorway, thereby collecting information regarding indoor and outdoor temperature, and measures the exact temperature at floor level.

  • Automatic and active control
  • Exact doorway measurement
  • Always the correct setting
  • Automatically the right temperature and strength


Auto-active control

By means of the patented i-sense infrared technology as part of the overall auto-active control in the SR air curtain, the climate in the doorway is measured on an ongoing basis, thereby guaranteeing a comfortable environment as well as maximum energy savings.

Patented i-sense infrared technology
Correct setting

The i-sense (1) collects outdoor temperature (2) from three areas and indoor temperature (3) from five areas situated behind the doorway. The impact of ventilation and wind pressure on climate separation is also taken into account. A sensor (4) located in the inlet grille measures the room temperature.



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