Heat recovery

Efficient energy use

In order to meet energy saving trends, legislation for fresh air supply in buildings and our climate concept, Biddle has developed the HR heat recovery unit, which recovers waste heat from extract air coming from the building that would otherwise be lost to the outside. The heat recovery system brings fresh air into the building while recovering a significant amount of heat from the air being extracted.

The Biddle heat recovery system recovers around 80% of the heat in the exhaust air, saving a significant amount of energy and CO2.


Complete climate concept

The HR heat recovery unit can be used as standalone in conjunction with a duct heater or as part of a complete Biddle climate system. It can be directly connected to:

  • NOZ2: energy-efficient air heater which provides comfort in large rooms
  • Comfort Circle: heating, cooling & ventilation combined in one ceiling cassette unit


Why choose HR heat recovery?
  • Efficient energy use
  • Complete climate concept
  • Possible direct connection to other Biddle products
  • Fully compliant with legislations


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