SensAir DX comfort air curtain

Biddle and Daikin, the two leading companies in the climate sector have joined forces in developing a unique ”plug and play” climate concept for shops and public buildings. Two different systems are offered within this energy-conscious climate control concept: model SensAirV and SensAirQ.


Complete climate system with SensAirV air curtain

The climate system consisting of the SensAir air curtain, model SensAirV, Daikin VRV outdoor unit and indoor units supplies heating, cooling, ventilation and climate separation in one energy-efficient installation. This integrated climate system is energy efficient, has a quick payback time and provides a comfortable indoor climate. 


Standalone SensAirQ air curtain with heat pump 

The SensAir air curtain, model SensAirQ, is available in combination with a Daikin ERQ heat pump. The heat pump provides the heating energy required for climate separation in the doorway. The heating and cooling in the building are controlled separately. This climate solution is sustainable, energy saving and creates a pleasant indoor climate.

Why choose SensAir DX?
  • Durability
  • Integrated climate system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Optimal comfort
  • Low CO2 emission
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Controlled Air strength
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