SensAir comfort air curtain

The SensAir includes all knowledge Biddle has gathered the past 60 years with regard to climate separation in a door opening.


Auto-active control of energy and comfort

The SensAir ensures high energy savings and a comfortable indoor climate by cleverly combining four technologies. The patented i-sense infrared technology collects the temperature data in the door opening, the automatic CHIPS translates it continuously it into the correct setting and the optimal climate separation is created by means of the Controlled Air strength and rectifier technology.


Intelligent control and monitoring

Biddle has an extensive range of control options: a local control by means of the b-touch, remote monitoring (b-connect) or integration in a Building Management System using the standard integrated Modbus connection.

Why choose SensAir?
  • Auto-active control of energy and comfort
  • Revolutionary climate separation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Low sound level
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Controlled Air strength
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