Comfortable air heaters

Because insulation in buildings is so much better these days, there has been a steady decline in the demand for heat. And yet, in order to heat large areas properly and evenly, good air distribution is required. Requirements for the comfort and layout of the building have also been set higher. Biddle has developed an air heater especially intended for large and high-ceilinged areas, such as distribution centres, factories, warehouses and exhibition centres, combining a comfortable working environment with high energy-efficiency.


Optimal air distribution through induction

Air is blown out at high speed, inducing the movement of surrounding stationary air with it, thereby enabling a proper air mixture (induction). Warm air is quickly distributed evenly throughout the large area and does not remain hanging above. In this way, the loss of heat through the ceiling and walls is minimal.

  • Increased comfort
  • Good air distribution
  • Efficient recycling of energy
  • Decrease in power required
  • Tried, tested and trusted over many years



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